Fast and, above all else, secure computer networks are the backbone of the modern economy.


We help you to plan, procure, install, configure, and modernize entire EDP systems or individual components. 

Our services in detail::

Network technology:

  • Creating concepts and topologies
  • Procuring and developing the hardware and software
  • Installing all components, such as servers and workstations
  • Modernizing existing hardware and interfacing with the network
  • Developing, maintaining, and updating safety mechanisms
  • IT, intranet/Internet, and so on
  • Creating and maintaining mail systems in the LAN and WAN

On-site services: 

  • Setting up new workstations
  • Installing standard software
  • Installing database systems (Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQLServer)
  • Setting up mail systems and Internet access
  • Customized, user-related training
  • System administration
  • Creating interfaces with other systems, such as merchandise management or process control systems
  • Commissioning