Increasing levels of automation are a common feature of modern industrial production. Automated production equipment protects people carrying out hazardous activities, boosts the performance of a system, improves the quality of products, and guarantees a constant level of product quality.


We deliver synergetic solutions for automation and process control.

Our services in detail:

Automation engineering:

  • Planning and configuring automation engineering concepts
  • System design and specification as well as creating automation systems
  • Creating program flowcharts    
  • Programming customer-specific automation software
    • Creating sequence control systems and step sequences
    • Developing and optimizing controlled systems
    • Creating applications for interfacing external systems
    • Networking programmable controllers and creating interfaces to process control systems
  • Deploying programmable controllers from different manufacturers
  • Commissioning and optimizing software
  • Documentation
  • Telecontrol engineering

Process control:

  • Planning and configuring process control systems 
  • Developing redundant service systems
  • Planning and developing network structures and topologies
  • Creating and dynamizing process schematics   
  • Developing error message logs, graphs, and graphics
  • Recipe, product data, and batch management
  • Creating interfaces to database systems and merchandise management systems
  • Management software, plant management
  • IT communication, intranet/Internet, e-mail, and so on
  • Sector-specific logging, for example, water and sewage
  • Deploying process control systems from different manufacturers
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Support

On-site services:  

  • Revising, adapting, optimizing, and updating software for automation and process control systems
  • Migrating existing automation and process control systems to the latest technology (S5 > S7; Teleperm M > PCS7)
  • Software development for Windows-based systems in C#, VB.NET, C++ (C++ Builder from version 5, MS Visual Studio from version 2005):
    • Database interfaces for Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQLServer in particular, and for ODBC database connections in general
    • Process value acquisition using OPC-based connections
  • Web programming in ASP.NET, Javascript, and PHP 5.x